Our Sectors

we specialise in the Go-To-Market team across a range of tech sectors

Robotic Process Automation

As Artificial Intelligence streamlines the ability for many more Companies to utilise the huge benefits that RPA brings, Fairfax-Growth is working to help drive this Automation revolution by continuing to develop our network with relationships with sales professionals who have a deep knowledge of RPA.


With an extensive global network, we have deep rooted experience in the FinTech sector. We work glove-in-hand with Company Leaders, Sales Directors and CHRO's to drive forward the development of dynamic sales teams - from established brands through to early stage disruptors.

AI & Machine Learning

As Machine Learning continues to develop across a range of sectors, we have recognised the growing necessity for expertise within this niche space. We continue to develop our network with exceptional candidates who specialise in the sales and marketing of this field, specifically deep-learning.


As IOT has grown more and more into our lives, highlighted most clearly in the large increase of smart home products, we have noticed a continued greater demand for high-quality candidates able to drive growth and effectively market within this competitive sector.

Big Data

As the three V's continue to grow and more and more data continues to be efficiently collected - we continue to partner dynamic hyper-growth Companies together with exceptional and highly driven talent.


As all these other sectors expand and grow, one thing guaranteed to come along for the ride is cybercrime. At Fairfax we recognise that Cybersecurity is not only highly important but also highly competitive. To excel within this sector it is the passionate difference-makers driving the sales and marketing strategy who are key to growth.

Our Expertise

Fairfax-Growth has experience working across Sales, Marketing and Professional Services at each stage of the funding lifecycle

Go-To-Market Team

Chief Revenue Officer
Managing Director
Sales Director
SVP International
Account Executives
Channel Executives
Senior Sales Engineer
Pre-Sales Engineer
Customer Success Manager
Chief Marketing Officer
VP of Growth
Head of BDR
Professional Services
Consulting Manger
Solution Architect

Our Partnership Agreements

Strategic-Early-Stage | Bespoke Solution | Total Managed Service

Strategic Early-Stage Partnership

During the early seed-stage – your total focus is on your product. Honing it to perfection, ensuring it is ready-for-market – and rightly so, the product is the core of brand.

We know that this total focus can, however, distract from finding those key hires when they’re needed at such a critical time. That is why we initiated our Strategic Partnership – a service specifically designed for early-stage tech Companies. We treat your business like our own, ensuring your goals are aligned to ours.

Bespoke Solution

Our bespoke service is fully catered around your specific needs. After a consultation to understand your requirements (whether a retained relationship or contingent on hires) we will tailor our solution accordingly.

This curated approach is shaped from many years of industry experience, ensuring we provide the most streamlined and efficient process to optimise results.

Total Managed Service

Our 360 service takes all the recruitment pressure off your internal resources. We look after your entire hiring process, providing expert advice and implementing recruitment strategy, helping you save time and costs.

We embed ourselves in the strategic goals of the Company and reflect this with the management of key hires.